" Kids Matter "

" Kids Matter "

Why Parents Love Our School?

Our Core Values

“At Lovin Touch Learning Center our core values are the fundamental beliefs and principles that guide and shape our behavior, decisions, and actions. These values serve as our moral compass and help define what is important and desirable in the care and development of your child. They are deeply ingrained in our philosophy and remain stable over time. Our core values include:

About Our Center

Lovin Touch Learning Center is a high quality child care center. Our goal is to inspire lifelong learners through educational play and exploration in a early childhood environment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to partner with parents  to provide their children with developmental appropriate practices that will allow them to explore and learn while inspiring life long learners.

Our Vision

To inspire lifelong learners, it’s essential to foster a culture of curiosity and continuous growth. Encourage a love for learning from a young age, leading by example with your own enthusiasm for knowledge.

Our Philosophy

Lovin’ Touch Learning Center is committed to creating a safe, warm and loving environment for children where they can learn and grow physically, emotionally, creatively, intellectually, and socially at their own pace.

How Old Is Your Child?


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Afterschool Care

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Kind Words From Parents!

Tia Thompson
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I love this center! Mrs Kelly and her staff are wonderful. I have helped bring yoga to the littles and staff. We had great time. The kids are always happy and having fun!!
Briana Marae
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My baby has been here for a few months now and they are genuinely an extended family. They are reliable and great with communication. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to children of various ages and they use the ProCare app which allows you to see what your child is doing throughout the day. 10/10 I’d recommend them to anyone.
Chanae Pamplin
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Miss Kelly and Miss Monique are amazing! Very clean, professional and patient. I trust them to care for my son, which speaks volumes.

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